Lexington Foundations Assets Exceed $78 Million
Lexington Charities Received More Than $10 Million In Grants
The assets of Lexington's top foundations grew to $78,910,503 for the most recent year on record, according to the recently released Kentucky Foundation DataBook.

The 384-page DataBook lists every foundation in Kentucky and profiles the top 162 Kentucky grantmaking foundations, whose assets represent more than 99% of all Kentucky foundation assets. The DataBook is the only directory in Kentucky that lists every one of the 7,941 grants awarded by the state's largest foundations.

There are 19 Lexington foundations profiled in the DataBook. The combined total of the grants awarded by these foundations was $6,867,857.

Lexington nonprofit organizations received 547 grants with a combined total of $10,087,058. The average grant to Lexington nonprofit organizations was $18,441.

Each of the 7,941 grants made by the profiled foundations is described using the 26 Major Field Areas of the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) classification system, developed specifically to categorize nonprofit organizations. The top categories of foundation grants in Lexington were: 116 grants classified as Education, with a sub-total of $6,973,574; 61 grants classified as Health, general, rehabilitative, with a sub-total of $945,865; 59 grants classified as Human services-other, multi-purpose, with a sub-total of $487,071.

Lexington's largest foundation is the E. O. Robinson Mountain Fund, whose assets of $19,132,644 give it a state-wide ranking of 15, as compared to the other 161 foundations profiled. The largest Lexington grant, made by James Graham Brown Foundation, was to University Of Kentucky in the amount of $1,000,000.

The combined asset amount of Kentucky's top 162 foundations is $1,400,789,233. The foundations profiled in the DataBook are identified by careful cross checking of IRS and state public records (starting with the IRS 990 tax returns foundations are required to file), culling out dedicated purpose foundations or foundations which award scholarships exclusively.


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