Kentucky Foundations Award Over $115 Million In Grants
Kentucky Foundation Assets Exceed $1.4 Billion
The largest 162 Kentucky grantmaking foundations, whose assets represent over 99% of all Kentucky foundation assets, awarded $115,386,875 in grants to mostly Kentucky charitable organizations, according to the recently released Kentucky Foundation DataBook.

The DataBook, which is a guide to all 731 Kentucky foundations, features comprehensive profiles of the state's largest 162 grantmaking foundations, and is the only directory in Kentucky that lists every one of the 7,941 grants they made for the most recent year on record.

The DataBook classifies each grant a foundation made by matching the organization that received the grant to a category from one of the 26 National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) categories, a system used to describe nonprofit organizations.

Of the over $115 million in grants made, Kentucky Educational organizations received the most money, with $43,988,174 awarded via 1,758 grants. Arts, Cultures & Humanities organizations received 886 grants totaling $13,789,607; Human Services organizations received $9,009,126 from 1,064 grants; Environmental organizations received $8,554,791 from 242 grants; Religious organizations received 1,058 grants totaling $7,452,069; Community Improvement organizations, which include organizations such as a Chamber Of Commerce or a United Way, received $7,065,375 from 385 grants.

Other top categories include Philanthropy organizations, which received $4,609,405 from 134 grants; Health related organizations received $4,455,394 from 509 grants; Food and Agricultural organizations received $1,945,679 from 99 grants; and Youth Development organizations received $1,839,773 via 232 grants.

A total of 2,452 grants were made to Louisville charitable organizations, the most of any Kentucky city. The total of those grants, $57,574,093 was also the most money received by any city in Kentucky. Lexington charitable organizations received 547 grants totaling $10,087,058.

The 162 foundations profiled in the Kentucky Foundation DataBook have assets of $1,400,789,233 as indicated on their most recent IRS Tax Return (form 990 or 990PF). IRS regulations require a foundation to give away 5% of its assets, which would have totaled $70,039,462. However, Kentucky's top foundations exceeded the minimum IRS requirement by over $45,000,000, demonstrating a sincere commitment to philanthropy in Kentucky and to the welfare of the citizens of Kentucky.


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