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The California Foundation DataBook is the only directory in California that lists every grant made by California's largest foundations. Click here to see a sample page and get more information!
Other foundations profiled in the California Foundation DataBook:
AirTouch Communications Foundation
Phil N. Allen Charitable Trust
The Jennifer Altman Foundation
Arata Bros. Trust
Arques Charitable Education Trust
Atkinson Foundation
William Babcock Memorial Endowment
Marguerite Bachrach Charitable Trust
Gerson Bakar Foundation
The Baker Street Foundation
Hildegard H. Balin Charitable Trust
Bank Of America Giannini Foundation
The Beaver Foundation
Elizabeth & Stephen Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Bechtel Foundation
Milo W Bekins Foundation
Bellini Foundation
Lowell Berry Foundation
The Arron And Marie Blackman Foundation, Inc.
Sam And Rie Bloomfield Foundation
Anna & Harry Borun Foundation
The Bothin Foundation
William K. Bowes Jr. Foundation
The Robert And Lois Braddock Charitable Foundation
George And Ruth Bradford Foundation
Robert And Alice Bridges Foundation
Broderbund Foundation
Dionigi Brunetti Charitable Trust
John M. Bryan Family Fund
The Susie Tompkins Buell Foundation
Bruce & Anne Bundy Foundation
John R. Cahill Foundation
Callison Foundation
Frank A. Campini Foundation
Chan Foundation
Clorox Company Foundation
Columbia Foundation
Compton Foundation
S.H. Cowell Foundation
Mary A. Crocker Trust
D & DF Foundation
Edward J. Daly Foundation
Marie C. De Dampierre Memorial Foundation
David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Rene And Veronica Di Rosa Foundation
Drum Foundation
Duffield Family Foundation
East Bay Community Foundation /
The Nora Eccles Treadwell Foundation
Eldorado Foundation
Elks Of Los Angeles Foundation Fund
Endesha Group Inc
The Energy Foundation
The Entertainment Industry Foundation
Eucalyptus Foundation
Farallon Foundation
Anne And Jason Farber Foundation, Inc.
Hobart W. And C. Faulkner Foundation
Fleishhacker Foundation
Floyd Family Foundation
R. Gwin Follis Foundation
Foothills Foundation
Fox Foundation
The Fremont Group Foundation
Friedland Foundation Inc
Friedman Family Foundation
The Barbara And Jay Fritz Foundation
Fullerton Family Charitable Trust
Gaia Fund
GAP Foundation
Silvio And Mary Garaventa Family Foundation
Audette S. Garnier Trust
Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser Foundation
Barbara Gauntlett Foundation Inc.
The Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
The Fred Gellert Foundation
Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation
Gerhard Family Foundation
Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
A.P. Giannini Foundation
William G. Gilmore Foundation
Goel Foundation
The David B. Gold Foundation
Richard & Rhonda Goldman Foundation
Gruber Family Foundation
Evelyn And Walter Haas Jr. Fund
Miriam And Peter Haas Fund
Haigh-Scatena Foundation
Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
M Health Foundation
C/O Blanding, Boyer & Rockwell
Hedco Foundation
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
Heller Foundation Of San Diego
Herbst Foundation, Inc.
William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
The Edward E. Hills Fund
Fred And Lucille Hirsch Founation Trust
Hoefer Family Foundation
Hofmann Foundation
Royal Barney Hogan Foundation
Hollywood Canteen Foundation
Jaquelin Hume Foundation
James Irvine Foundation
The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation
Ischemia Research & Education Foundation
Ishiyama Foundation
Jamieson Foundation
Marie D. Jeffrey Foundation
George Frederick Jewett Foundation
The Jewish Community Foundation
Walter S. Johnson Foundation
Katz Family Foundation
William M. Keck Jr. Foundation
The George M. And Adelaide M. Keller Foundation
Kelly Foundation
The Kendall-Jackson Foundation, Inc.
William C. Kenney Watershed Protection Foundation
Komes Foundation
Koshland Foundation
Arseny And Olga Kovshar Private Charitable Memorial Foundation
Lafetra Foundation
John & Maria Laffin Trust
C/O Wells Fargo-PCS
The Stanley S. Lagendorf Foundation
Lakeside Foundation
Lane Family Charitable Trust
Laural Foundation
Laurel Resources Inc
The LEF Foundation
Dean And Margaret Lesher Foundation
Dora Freedman Levit Fund For People
Cecile Woods Lewis Charitable Trust
Edmund Wattis Littlefield Foundation
Living Stones Foundation
Llagas Foundation
The J.M. Long Foundation
Thomas J. Long Foundation
Vera M. Long Foundation
The Richard M. Lucas Foundation
Louis R. Lurie Foundation
Luster Family Foundation, Inc.
Miranda Lux Foundation
Lynn Foundation
Bertha Russ Lytel Foundation
Margoes Foundation
Marin Community Foundation
Marini Family Trust
The Markkula Foundation
May And Stanley Smith Charitable Trust
May Fam Foundation
George Henry Mayr Foundation
Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust
McBean Family Foundation
McKesson Foundation
Joseph R. McMicking Foundation
Susan Ingemanson McNealy Foundation
Giles W. & Elise G. Mead Foundation
Moldaw Family Foundation
Montgomery Street Foundation
Morgridge Family Foundation
The Morris Foundation
Warsh Mott Legacy
In His Name
Oberndorf Foundation
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Outrageous Foundation Inc
Oxnard Foundation
Pell Family Foundation
Peninsula Community Foundation
Pfund Family Foundation
Mary M. And Georgie C. Posey Memorial Fund
Arthur P. Pratt & Jeanette Gladys Pratt Memorial Fund
Ramsay Family Foundation
The Roberts Foundation
The Rock Foundation
Rosenberg Foundation
Louise And Claude Rosenberg Jr Family Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
The Estelle, Abe And Marjorie Sanders California Foundation
George H. Sandy Foundation
Annunziata Sanguinetti Foundation
Sapling Foundation
Bernard G. Sarnat & Rhoda G. Sarnat Family Foundation
Saturno Foundation
Charles & Helen Schwab Family Foundation
Van Loben Sels Foundation
Setzer Foundation
Shenandoah Foundation
Milton Shoong Foundation
Sierra Health Foundation
Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
The May & Stanley Smith Trust
Phoebe Snow Foundation
Soda Charities
Harvey L. & Maud C. Sorensen Foundation
Lionel Steiner Trust
Robert Stewart And Helen Pfeiffer Odell Fund C/O Wells Fargo
Levi Strauss Foundation
Swanson Foundation
Swig Foundation
Mr. And Mrs. G. Kirk Swingle Foundation
Tang Foundation
Taube Family Foundation
David J. And Mary L. G. Theroux Foundation
Porter E. And Helenmae Thompson Foundation
Mary Tilton Charitable Trust
Timken-Sturgis Foundation
Toole Charitable Foundation
Transamerican Foundation
Trust Funds Inc.
Union Bank Of California Foundation, Union Bank Of California, N.A.
The George And Lena Valente Foundation
Wayne & Gladys Valley Foundation
Van Camp Foundation
Elia Whittell Trust For Disabled Veterans Of Foreign Wars
Brayton Wilbur Foundation
Byron Williford Trust
Wilsey Foundation
The Dean Witter Foundation
Wollenberg Foundation
Wornick Family Foundation Inc.
The Christine Zecca Foundation
The Zellerbach Family Fund
Harold And Libby Ziff Foundation

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